I’ve had the pleasure of working with Heather on multiple occasions and hope to again in the future. Heather really knows the market, knows what it takes to make a strong offer and can work magic under tight deadlines. She has the right combination of patience, perseverance, and urgency that work for me. With her knowledge and experience Heather is able to quickly identify the issues and potential issues with a property which is invaluable while searching for the right place. I’ve leaned on Heather for questions and contacts and know I can trust her advice and referrals. Honestly, I can’t imagine working with another agent and hope Heather is available when the time comes.

Peter H.

Three thumbs up. Just extremely competent, smart and nice. Organized the repairs and staging expertly and economically. Positioned sale in market precisely for desired competitive bidding. Communicated abundantly and clearly. Thanks, Heather.

Daniel B.

Heather is absolutely amazing. She managed the entire process of our home sale, from soup to nuts, and got us a great outcome and happy buyers. Her quality of communication is unparalleled - timely, and clear - and she makes use of modern technology (e.g., a Google Calendar for notable dates) to help keep you organized and up to speed. These two strengths are surprisingly rare and we were so grateful we chose Heather. We moved out of her area, but would recommend her time and time again.

April U.

We loved working with Heather. We were looking to buy an investment property for the first time and came to Heather not yet having figured out what we really wanted. Heather started by showing us many different kinds of properties and was helpful and tireless in meeting us at various places. We really appreciated that Heather did not put us under any pressure and, to the contrary, helped to educate us so we could make a good decision. She had our best interests in mind and wanted us not to regret our decision.
When we eventually found the property that we did buy, it was a complicated sale – a bank owned and tenant occupied property. Heather worked very hard. Not only did she advise us and schedule inspections, but she looked up building permits, called the rent board, and collaboratively helped us uncover the history of the property. Then she handled last minute negotiations with the bank ethically, but firmly. It could have been a difficult sale, but with Heather, it went smoothly, and was even enjoyable. We can’t recommend Heather any more highly. We found her easy to get along with, hardworking, not pressuring and knowledgeable. And at all times, we felt that we could count on her to advocate for us.

Leo & Gail

We recently had the most wonderful experience buying our first home thanks to our amazing realtor, Heather Webster. She walked us through the entire process with such patience - including some wacky negotiations while under contract. If Heather was tired of our endless questions and constant wavering, she never let on! She was able to read us well and quickly figured out what was really important to us in a home. When she saw the house that we eventually bought, she immediately let us know as she had a good feeling that it would be the one for us. She was the perfect blend of professional and friendly and hit just the right balance between giving us advice and letting us find our own way. In the end, Heather did just what we all want our realtors to do; she helped us find exactly what we were looking for and at just the price we were looking to spend - not an easy feat in Berkeley!

R & T Barfield

We recently purchased the home of our dreams thanks to the diligence and expertise of our realtor, Heather Webster. We found Heather to be very knowledgeable and kind, skillfully guiding us through the many ins and outs of the home buying process. Heather handled each complexity as a true professional with great energy and resource. She was consistently available to us and willing to do whatever was needed, answering any questions that we had, and making us feel that we were well taken care of every step of the way. We would whole-heartedly recommend Heather to anyone who is purchasing a new home.

Rachael and Doug
Home Buyers

Heather Webster was a pleasure to work with while I shopped for a condominium in Oakland this year. Throughout the process, .indefatigable, sensitive, and thoroughwhich can be emotionally exhausting, Heather was indefatigable, sensitive, and thorough. I was impressed with how quickly she gained a sense of my personality and tastes; she was always able to winnow out what wouldn't be a good fit for me and, when the right opportunity arose, to zoom in. Heather spent many, many hours looking at properties with me, and her background in green building meant that she had helpful perspectives on construction and design. I never felt pressured with her, but rather from the hunt to negotiations I continually had the sense that she was listening to me and had my best interests as her first priority. She was both aware of me as a person and concerned with the long-term outcome and my well-being. Sharp and meticulous, she is also a warm and thoughtful person, and that's what made the whole experience very positive for me.

C. McLean

Nothing can prepare you for the insane process of buying your first home, especially in the Bay Area. Enter patient, knowledgeable, here-to-rescue-you Heather. I don't know what we would have done without her. Here's what stood out:

* Responsive - Heather is literally there for you day and night. She makes you feel like you're her top priority, always.

* Honest - She won't let you make a wrong decision. She has your back and she'll tell it to you straight. But in a really nice, supportive way (for delicate snowflakes like me).

* Knowledgeable - She grew up in the East Bay and she used to work for a builder so she has lots of advice about ways to add value to the homes she's showing you.

* Ongoing support - We bought our house a month ago and Heather's STILL helping us out. She doesn't mind at all if we text her with questions. That's some next-level client service!

Heather is the best. Hire her!

Lindsey C.

Heather was recommended to my wife and me when we were still engaged last year, and we so lucky to have worked with her. As relatively clueless first time buyers, she was extremely patient, informative, friendly and helpful, going to dozens of open houses with us.

Thanks to Heather we ended up finding a fantastic new home to call our own. I highly recommend working with her, and if we ever are in need of her services again we won't hesitate to give her a call. 🙂

Alan H.

Heather is an amazing real estate agent. She helped my wife and me buy our home in 2014. Heather was extraordinarily patient, she listened to and understood our needs, and she went to countless house tours with us. More important than this, when it came time to make offers Heather had all the answers, and all the right contacts. Several times she helped us get a fast inspection, contractor opinion, or even contacts at the city.

We've already recommended Heather to several friends who have also had great experiences. I can't recommend Heather highly enough!

Adam S.

Heather is an awesome agent! Throughout the home-buying process, time and time again she proved to be the only person truly on our side. Heather is super knowledgeable and also well-connected to push things through when they needed a Heather push. It was awesome and really fun working with her. We were in great hands and she was a great hand-holder. I would call and text her all the time with my panoply of questions and all of them were quickly answered and addressed. I could not have found a better agent, and have already recommended her to everyone I know trying to buy a spot. From hunt to offers to negotiations to close, we were guided with lots of attention to detail and many late night explanations. Choose Heather, she's the best.

Polina Z.

It is my pleasure to refer Heather Webster as a real estate agent. Her knowledge of the market is stupendous and her professionalism is amazing. Heather was with us every step of the way, pointing out important things to consider in our home buying process and teaching us along the way. She was extremely dedicated and persistent throughout our experience.

El Cerrito

We closed on our house in May and are so glad we had Heather to guide us through the process. She was incredibly responsive and helpful throughout every single step. As first time home buyers without much knowledge about the home buying process we were so grateful to have her detailed and thoughtful guidance.

Peter F.
Richmond Hills

Everyone always says their real estate agent is the best, but really, they're wrong, unless they worked with Heather. We weren't in any hurry to buy, and Heather was willing to work with us for as long as it would take. She came to see houses with us, brought us to private showings when we couldn't make open houses, and generally went above and beyond to make sure we were getting the most out of our experience. We especially appreciated her ability to see the potential in houses -- places where we could make easy structural changes we wouldn't have realized were a possibility. In the end, we got the FIRST house we bid on, which is incredibly rare in this market. We got into a neighborhood we didn't think we could afford. Heather helped us write a competitive bid and spent hours going over everything with us to make sure we understood all the details. Buying a house -- especially your first -- is an inevitably stressful experience, but with Heather, we felt incredibly well prepared. In the six months since we bought the house, Heather's remained available for questions about contractors and other home-ownership issues. If you're looking to buy a house, contact her immediately -- she's amazing!

Celine P.

Heather is a fantastic real estate agent. She embodies peak professionalism coupled with great people skills. As our realtor, she worked tirelessly tracking down potential properties. She was our advocate, and was a calming force during those stressful times. She made it part of her job to be as knowledgeable as possible about our situation so she could find the best fit. She continues to be a resource for us when we have questions. We have worked with other realtors in the past, and Heather just blows them out of the water. We give her our highest recommendation!

Sharon F.

Heather is amazing! Three of us were looking to buy a place together in Oakland and Heather did a great job of really getting to know us and all of our needs. You think managing 2 people is hard - try 3 people who all want different things in a house. Heather was patient with us, especially as we evolved in what we wanted and what we could afford. She never pressured us into a place or an offer. She really was on our team and cared that we got a place we loved. She is very responsive all the time and gave us the insight and advice we needed to buy a duplex below asking price in a super hot market. I would (and have) recommend Heather to others. And when were ready to buy again we will be right back with her.

Tiffany G.